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We specialize in computer repair and computer networking. We can install and repair computers, build a computer network to fit your needs, organize your files, connect you to the Internet, enhance your security and set up backup systems. We can also provide good equipment at fair prices and support it, and handle private or wide area networks on any version of Windows, Linux or Novell, plus firewalls, routers and most software packages. Established in 1996 and with a proven track record of 600+ clients, our aim is to make your computers do what you want them to do at affordable prices.

Computer Repair

Get fast, friendly and knowledgeable computer repair. We offer onsite computer repair services and network diagnostics


Computer Services

We provide a long list of computer services from onsite computer repair to installation, maintenance, tech support, security and Internet connectivity


Computer Network Services

Our computer networking services bring you the viable option for increasing productivity and sharing files, hardware and Internet connections among multiple computers. From small home home office networking to large enterprise networks.


Maintenance & Tech Support

Our computer tech support services can help to ensure that your computer or computer network is in good operational condition and our computer maintenance services can detect unforeseen problems that can interfere with productivity.


Outsourcing Services

Our computer and IT technicians will make you look good while supporting your outsourcing needs.


We will teach you to love your computer!

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